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India's Asli Champion Top 12 Contestants List 2017: See the Names and Pics

India's Asli Champion...Hai Dum! Television reality show all set to Kick Start on &TV and we are excited to reveal you the Names of the Passionate Participants who are Headed for the reality show. Suniel Shetty is all set to Hunt the Passion and not only this He'll be the Inspiring Leader who will Guide and Motivate all the Contestants throughout the Journey. Also See the India's Asli Champion Contestants with Their Teams.

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India's Asli Champion Television reality show is designed to test the Physical and Mental Strength of the Contestants. All the Participants will be See battling out in the battlefield. See who are the Participants of the India's Asli Champion reality show on &TV

India's Asli Champion...Hai Dum Top 12 Contestants Names List 2017

Contestant Name Image
Gurleen Kaur (Wushu) gurleen kaur
Sumit Kurhade sumit_kurhade
Sunil Menon sunil menon
Arjun Khurana arjun khurana
Supa Parveen supa parveen
Chinmay Mhatre chinmay mhatre
Aishwarya Salagare aishwarya salagre
Sanjay Negi sanjay negi
Urmimala Boruah urmimala
Niraj Rao niraj rao
Swati Chauhan swati
Kavita Kolapkar kavita
Garima Sachdeva Malik (Wild Card Entry) garima
Abhishek Athalye (Wild Card Entry) abhishek
Hrutika Hariprasad (Wild Card Entry) hrutika
Karan Chawda (Wild Card Entry) karan chawda
Royce (Wild Card Entry) royce
Swati Goswami (Wild Card Entry) swati

The Top 12 Contestants are Separated in a Teams. Supa Parveena and Arjun Khurana were the First Task Winner on India's Asli Champion, so they became the Captain of their Teams. See the Teams and Their Gang members names.

Team Supa Parveen - Sanjay, Urmi, Neeraj, Gurleen, Sunil
Team Arjun Khurana  - Swati, Chinmay, Kavita, Sumit, Aishwarya

Contestants have to get the maximum medals to get the Maximum Advantages on India's Asli Champion Television reality show on &TV.

ShivFit Founder Fitness freak Vrinda Mehta and Shivoham Turned Fitness Expert on India's Asli Champion TV Reality Show

Keep Watching this Space for more Interesting news Updates on &TV' new Hard Hitting Television reality show. They are Looking for the Warriors who are living their Passion and ready to defeat all the hurdles in their way.

Also See - Suniel Shetty Turned Host for India's Asli Champion

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